Kim Kardashian may not have broken the internet this time but this is sure to blow your mind – following the release of her latest KKW Fragrance collection, the 37-year-old was reportedly making a million dollars a minute. Yep, you read that right.

TMZ reports that the scents (priced at around $45 each) made $5 million in the first five minutes. The Kardashians are renowned the world over for their ability to literally monetise living and have used their fame to rake in the moolah. Kim Kardashian used her favourite app – Instagram – to build the buzz around the perfumes (named Vibes, Peachy, and Cherry) and even gifted the scents to her famous friends.

Want to know exactly how big a deal this is? Here are 5 things that cannot be done in a minute:

1. You cannot cook Maggi in a minute.

Kim Kardashian

2. Even popcorn takes two to four minutes to pop – that too if you put the microwave on high.

3. If you’re living in Mumbai, you’ll take more than a minute to just enter Dadar station.

(Picture credits: Concept Column on Instagram)

4. You can’t apply winged eyeliner in under a minute.

(Picture credits: Ariana Hama on Instagram)

5. You can’t read this article in under a minute.

(Header credits: Kim Kardashian on Instagram)