Residents of Portland, Oregon, are wondering just how hundreds of sex toys have appeared on power and telephone lines all across their town. Pairs of suggestively dangling dildos have been found in several locations, and the culprit/s have yet to be found. Predictably, some interesting comments have appeared on Twitter regarding this somewhat unusual phenomenon.

@Cody_Perez Apparently the new trend in is to throw dildos up on power lines. Wtf?!
@catjonessoda Does YOUR neighborhood have dildos hanging from the telephone line? Didn’t think so.
@rabble Throwing dildos over the power lines has become a thing in portland. They’re all over town.
@col_forbin Why yes, there are two dildos hanging over the telephone wire on my street. Oh Portland..
@aids_williams Way to go Portland you’ve made my day once again. Dildos on power lines. Priceless
@PedalPortland So…help me out here. Are hanging from electrical wires a Portland thing? Or do people do this everywhere?

According to a report on Huffington Post (, the town’s electricity department doesn’t think of the dildos as a fire hazard, and the top suspect is currently a local sex store called She Bop; the store strongly denies the charge. All right, you can carry on with your day now.