Shirish Kunder has had a forgettable career as a director, with both his films (Jaan-E-Mann and Joker) bombing at the box office. To be fair to him, we think he did a great job in Jaan-E-Mann, and we can still listen to the movie’s songs on loop.

His stint as an agony uncle though, has seen him perform much better. Shirish, who is also famous for being slapped by Shah Rukh Khan, runs a column called Shirishly Speaking in DNA. His responses are curt, to the point and at rare times, downright nasty.

Let’s take a look at some of the gems. Starting with the most precious diamond in the kingdom’s treasure chest – “Pyaar Chahiye Ya Mutton.”

There are other great questions too, and this one comes a close second.

Shirish has a Nostradamus like quality about him, and he gives good advice keeping the future in mind. This one’s a fine example.

Liked what you read? Catch his column on DNA over here.

Image courtesy: Screengrabs from DNA’s Website/Unofficial: Subramaniun Swamy Page on Facebook