Most of us woke up to the statistic on Wednesday that 97 percent of violence centred around bovine issues was targeted at Muslims ever since Narendra Modi came to power in 2014. Furthermore, more than half of these incidents occurred in the states ruled by the Bharatiya Janata Party according to an IndiaSpend content analysis of the English media.

But hang on, isn’t this too much work pressure to handle for an able world leader like our very own Prime Minister? In light of the recent lynching incident of an insignificant Ballabgarh youth, he deserved a break and it would be absolutely blasphemous to question his intent.

The Muslim teenager in question, Junaid Khan was aboard the Delhi-Mathura train days before Eid. He was accused of being a beefeater while being lynched by a mob comprising drunkards.

But the Twitter-savvy Mr Modi must have been detox-ing from social media and thus couldn’t send out sympathies to the deceased. Maybe ALSO because he was chilling with like-minded world leaders like the definitely non-Xenophobic Donald Trump of the US.



And while the family of the unfortunate skull cap-clad 16-year-old were in mourning on the occasion of their biggest festival, Mr Modi was gearing up to vroom past the problems of not only his country, but also the entire world by riding a bicycle in the Netherlands. Fair enough, ain’t it?



And this is exactly how Modi ji derives his powers to make India great again. Time and again he has vacationed for inner peace. And unfortunately for the so-called victims, these petty beef lynchings have fallen on similar dates.

Just like the PhD scholar in Indian Institute of Technology Madras who was attacked–allegedly for eating beef on May 30, incidentally when Modi ji was in Spain. This, just a couple of months after NaMo preferred to stay mum on the trivial killing of Pehlu Khan in Rajasthan’s Alwar for carrying cows.

So what if he had relevant documents to support his claim! And so what again if the Hindu driver Arjun was allegedly let go by the poor attackers upon hearing his name!

And we also can’t blame our beloved PM for being in hibernation upon returning from his Kazakhstan trip earlier this month when officials of the animal husbandry department of Tamil Nadu’s government were attacked by cow vigilantes in Rajasthan despite having NOCs from the authorities.

We should cut the former Gujarat Chief Minister some slack because he might even have been disillusioned after his meeting with the leader of the most-evil country Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif during his Kazakh trip.

So instead of expecting Mr Modi to take up the mantle every time a petty killing takes place in the name of cow protection, we should rather look inwards. He knows what’s best for the country, be it playing drums in Tanzania or chilling with Terracotta sculptures in China.

He deserves every bit of it. After all, he only comes back stronger every time!