The charm behind the 2012 film, Student of the Year was that it was completely fresh – in fact, it almost smelled citrusy. The stars were new, thanks to the pre-Instagram generation, we didn’t know much about them. Alia Bhatt became Shanaya, Sidharth Malhotra was Abhimanyu – the kukkad kamaal da and Varun Dhawan was Rohan through and through.

The thing with the SOTY 2 trailer was that while it was peppy, hip and appeared fun, it’s nothing we’ve not seen before. Are we expecting too much? Not, really. Ananya Panday as the bitchy princess seems almost miscast – the role would have perhaps suited Tara Sutaria better. Tara Sutaria seems to be doing a good job, from what we can see in the trailer. Tiger Shroff has a good body but its nothing that we’ve not seen plastered all over our Instagram feed.

The only thing good about the film so far is the memes it has created. Here’s our pick of the funniest ones: