In a move that has stirred celebrations among supporters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) have declared today that his show Mann Ki Baat is the best radio programme in the world.

Indicating the arrival of Achhe Din, the radio programme beat various popular radio programmes from 132 countries, including Pakistan and China. America’s Coast to Coast AM and UK’s BBC World Service stoof second and third respectively. 

Debuted on October 3, 2014 on All India radio (AIR), the programme is PM Modi’s primary source of communication with the masses. The latest episode of the series was broadcasted on March 25 and became the 42nd address from the former Gujarat CM. 

According to reports, an estimated 90 percent of the total Indian population is reachable through the medium of radio. Additionally, various private FM radio stations in the metropolitan cities of India are allowed to broadcast a recording of the show.

A survey across six Indian cities, including Mumbai and Chennai, had indicated that some 66.7 percent of the population had tuned in to listen to the Prime Minister’s address and had found it useful, thus making it a major revenue source for AIR. 

The usual ad slots on AIR sold for ₹500 (US$7.70) – ₹1,500 (US$23) per 10 seconds, but a 10-second ad slot for Mann Ki Baat cost ₹2 lakh (US$3,100), according to reports.

The PM’s office has been surprisingly quiet on social media after his latest achievement, but it’s only a matter of time that we hear from them.

This is a fake news report. Any similarity or relevance is purely fictional. But hey, here’s hoping for the best. Have an optimistic April Fool’s Day.