Where do we even begin with this one – Vigo Video/Vigo Lite is a “funny, short video community where you can see viral videos in just one app”, according to the description on the app’s Google Play Store.

The description of the app on the Apple store goes something like this: “Break into the spotlight with short videos for the world to see! Download Vigo Video, a premiere video maker that will make you a star. Gain fans, interact in an exclusive community, and win big with every 15 second video you make. Share your daily life in movies and use cool filters and effects to show off your style. Use professional editing and beautify tools to bring your video to the next level. Get as creative as you can and you can become famous!”


And why is there a hype among certain factions of our society regarding this Vigo App? Because of the viral “chai pee lo” video. From what we understand, users upload videos and the more ‘flames’ they get, the more the interaction and virality. While it may seem normal enough (after all, we’ve all seen Musical.ly), Vigo is one of the cringiest things to exist on the web. Users who cash in on viral videos and create them instantly tend to earn more ‘flames’. However, according to a review of the app on the Apple store, “there are some users who take video’s of there OWN WIFE’s with vulgarity for flames and VIGO giving flames for those videos only, SHAME on those heartless cold blooded animals (sic)”.

Well, anything for 15 seconds of fame, huh?


(Header credits: Quora)