Like every week, we bring you the best in WTF news – news that is so bizarre and hilarious, it’ll hopefully make you forget all about that job you hate and that ex you wish you’d never dated.

Here goes nothing!

1. This bear is living a better life than most of us. The Associated Press reports that Mark Hough from California was in for a major surprise when he saw a bear climb over his fence, take a dip in his jacuzzi and lap up his margarita from the floor. Then, the bear headed for a tree and took an hour-long nap. What an icon.


2. The World Cup fever is nice and all but for fisherman Kimio Abe, food and money were way more important. The star invertebrate of this year’s FIFA was “psychic” Octopus Rabiot. He had correctly ‘predicted’ the outcome of Japan’s three matches but was killed and sold in the market. Japan was knocked out of the World Cup shortly after.


3. A New York City-based vintage shop, CIE Denim, is selling an upside-down version of the classic denim shorts for – wait for it – $385. The company was apparently inspired by Netflix’s Stranger Things.

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(Credits: CIE Denim website)