poorna06– We don’t want you to ‘Like’ anything on your ex-girlfriend’s page.

– Abridged versions of how we met are unacceptable.

– We like chivalry, within reason. Holding the door for us? Yes. Ordering for us? No. Unless your date can’t read.

– We love dirty texts but hate technical goof-ups.

– We will take hours to figure out an outfit, and just as we’re walking out of the door all ready and prepped up, we’ll go back in and change it. Don’t comment on it.

– When you’re right, we’re just slightly less right.

– When we don’t want to have sex with you, we’ll just pick a fight and let the urge die a natural death.

– We don’t like it when you reply to our every message with an ‘LOL’. It’s just f***ing lame.

– We hate it when you’re mean to waiters or any staff. It just shows that you’re grossly insecure.

– We like spending money on make-up that makes us look like we’re not wearing any make-up.