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In the company of five hot women

The Kingfisher calendar girls steam it up in Turkey

“The first thing I notice in a man are his shoulders – I like a guy with broad shoulders who can make me laugh. And as clichéd as it may sound, dinner and red wine would be an ideal date.”


“One thing that turns me on in a man is if he makes time for me. And by that I mean he takes time out of his busy day to call me or text me, to randomly show up for five minutes to see me. Obviously a Porsche is a bonus. I’m joking, I don’t like Porsches – I’m more of a Lamborghini person.”

“If a man is trying to impress me, then he should be comfortable in his own skin, open, funny and nice to those around him, without any hidden agendas, and he should be passionate about something in life. A good height and physique doesn’t hurt as well.”

“Eyes are the first thing I notice in a man. My ideal date would be a chilled night out for a nice dinner and then watch a cuddly movie at home.”

“A great voice is a big turn on, but what impresses me in a man? Chivalry.”

Make-up by Kapil Bhalla; Hair by Apeni George