“Court me with flowers”

Hercules’ actress Irina Shayk shows how to keep a woman happy

Irina-Shayk– Court me with flowers, make me smile and assure me that you will treat me well.

– A man with really bad taste in shoes turns me off.  In Russia, when a woman meets a man, she first takes note of whether or not his shoes are clean and stylish.

– I’m not one to judge a man by his body. I don’t make much of a man who looks good, but has no intelligence.

– I like men who know how to hold a woman.

– A man in a well-cut suit is my kind of man.

– Being on a beach with the man I love and absolutely no one in sight is kind of sexy.

– A man on a bike, or in a fancy car, is so boring. A man on a horse is more like it.

– Don’t get surprised if you see me jump into bed right after I satiate my craving for chocolate or steak in the middle of the night.



Russian supermodel Irina Shayk was in Mumbai to walk for Cute – Circuit at the Signature International Fashion Weekend 2013.