If it was not The Phantom of the Opera, it would surely have been Shameless. It’s just unimaginable for a sane man to not know Emmy Rossum. (It certainly broke our heart when the actress announced her marriage to director Sam Esmail)

Having given us butterflies in the stomach for many years, she just keeps doing it all over again. And we don’t care if she’s married now, we’ll continue to look for her in every girl we fall in love with.

As the Manhattan-born turns 30 today, here’s why:

She can be wild

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From making love in the most outrageous places to taking control in bed — we’ve all fantasiced about having a girlfriend like Emmy’s Fiona from Shameless. No wonder Shameless has got the best sex scenes on television. 

She’s definitely talented


To make it amply clear, the Beautiful Creatures actress is more than just her sex appeal. A woman of many talents, she is a trained opera singer and has garnered critical acclaim for her acting prowess right from her teens.


In fact she has even directed two episodes of Shameless!

Heart of gold


Emmy champions various social causes, including animal adoption. She has four pets, all of whom were rescued. The actress even stands up for the violation of rights of various communities that have come under attack from the Donald Trump government. Need we say more!


N0 messing with her

The eighth season of Shameless looked under jeopardy due to a conflict between Emmy and the makers of the show. Reason being a pay disparity issue that was resolved when the producers agreed to pay her as much as co-star and male lead William H Macy.


Talk about standing up for the right. You go girl!