It’s time to rejoice (and hop-skip-jump) if you’re an avid GOT fan, because Game of Thrones, Season 7, is all set to premiere by the end of this week. And if you think Arya Stark is the coolest character in the series, then you’re not alone.

The gorgeous Maisie Williams plays Arya Stark, the youngest daughter of Winterfell’s Lord Eddard and Catelyn Stark, who has spent several seasons trying to get back to her last remaining family members. And we think she is doing a phenomenal job in the series which has taken the world by storm and which is also responsible for giving sleepless nights to all its die-hard followers (in anticipation of what’s in store next).

But what you all must not be aware of is the fact that Maisie Williams, who is all grown up now (she recently turned 20), has always been wise beyond her years. She is funny, she is charming, and her wit can be considered as sharp as Arya Stark’s sword (we aren’t kidding).

Recently, the actress opened up in an interview where she discussed the realities of working in the film and TV industry. She spoke about how she has been really lucky she hasn’t played characters which are considered eye-candy and discussed about Hollywood’s penchant for over-sexualizing women.

“It’s hard for young actresses who still feel like scrappy teenagers but are sort of forced to play characters who are a lot more mature, because, you know, ‘young sexy woman’ really sells in Hollywood,” she stated.

She also talked about the pressures women face to be skinny and beautiful, and seemed glad to be playing a role where she isn’t sexualized or is expected to be attractive or beautiful. We think her coolness and honesty is beyond compare and so, we decided to swipe through her Instagram account to see what she is up to (until we get to see her on-screen). Here’s what we found.

She is an epitome of coolness with those Converses 


can always count on maiz 2 lower tha tone xoxo

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We’re in love with her style and those glasses 


Me after being in Tokyo for 5 seconds

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The Revenant Premiere

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Soaking up some sun


My first, and definitely not my last, trip to Dubai. #osn2016

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Comic con is treating me good xo

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Can’t wait to see you in GOT, season 7, Maisie! 


I am recreating this emoji> 😚 I’m doing an alright job.

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