Gul-panag-picYou don’t have to open your mouth to display your personality. It is all about the way you carry yourself. The way a man walks into a room says a lot about who he is.

You shouldn’t need to dress flamboyantly to attract attention. You should have that sense of cool that makes you stand out no matter what you are wearing.

On a date, I like to have a great conversation, so I need to be in a place that is not too loud or too intimidating. The ambience should allow a conversation. A place that is too quiet creates unnecessary pressure.

Women are looking for a rock in their lives; someone to spend the rest of their lives with. So, don’t bother with the three-days-in-between-each-date rule.

A holiday should be part-impromptu and part-planned. I have come back from holidays feeling like they were a waste of my time, because they were absolutely unplanned.

Men should have a vision for their futures and should have that fire in their belly to achieve something.

Fitness is important. It is not like you have to live at the gym, but, if you have a paunch, it means you lack time-management skills.

I like men who can make a woman feel comfortable being who she is. Too many men, by their disposition, make women behave differently around them. Women should never be made to feel they are being judged.

Pickup lines are not cool. Complimenting my physical appearance won’t work either. Engage me with something interesting for that first conversation. Try to strike a common chord. Don’t try too hard.