Sophie2_1The things I notice in a man are his eyes, shoes and the way he talks. Can he look me in the eye when he is talking to me? Does he take care of his shoes? Because, if he can’t even do that, I don’t think he cares about his appearance. Also, good grammar is important.

The ideal date night includes a good dinner, a walk on the beach, a movie and a lot of dancing. It has to be something chilled out and fun, so we can chat, have a laugh and share moments together. Nothing pretentious. Also, the three-date rule does not work for me. I make guys work much harder than just three dates.

For a vacation with my guy, I think a beach would be really cool. But, I’m a city girl too — I love energy, music and dancing, so ideally, we would head to a place where you can chill all day long and party hard at night. If he likes shopping then that would be awesome. If not, I can manage without shopping for a while, I guess.

Three qualities make up a man — sincerity, class and smartness. He has to be someone who knows what he’s doing and where he is going with his life. I don’t appreciate lazy, indecisive and unsure men. I’m a pretty strong personality myself, and so I need someone who can handle that as well. Also, if he’s got the moves on the dance floor, that’s an added bonus.

I’m a diehard romantic. I hate to say it, but a little mush goes a long way.

I’m a decent cook, and if I spend more time at it I would probably be really good, too, because I love good food. But, it would be so cool if my guy could cook a little, too.

‘Men are from Mars and women are from Venus’ is the age-old debate that has no correct answer. There’s no denying that the way we think is completely different. Men and women are often at opposite ends of the spectrum (mentally and emotionally), but isn’t that the point? We need to come together to balance each other out. That’s the perfect equation.