Image: Nirav Modi/Youtube 

Finding more reasons to love PC.

Anything she does now, it makes news.

Priyanka Chopra is a product of her own venture of global domination. Everyone knows who she is. She is an icon in the true sense because love it or hate it, she’s got fans everywhere in the world. And for that, she has to look the part. Nothing a team of stylists can’t handle.

Back here in desi La la Land, Chopra managed to slip under the style radar in the past with less-than-acceptable wardrobe decisions that even other actresses were making. Highly unnatural-looking contact lenses, bad haircuts, borrowing their man’s ugly sunglasses, etc. Now that the world is Priyanka’s stage quite literally, man has she transformed into a majestic phoenix. 

Like all Indian actors who debut overseas for their brands or films, Priyanka went all in with Indian designers’ clothes, baring her mid-riff with sarees that people thought only she could pull off out there in the international scene. 2012 came and everything changed. After years of proving her Indian-ness to people, Priyanka had finally blossomed at the premiere of her Disney movie Planes. And it didn’t stop there. From promoting her music singles to Bollywood movies to eventually Hollywood movies, you could witness her style graph catapult several levels every time she made an appearance. Don’t lie, your eyes went wide every single time with expectations of maybe courting her, ’cause she dat good.

The style ripple has just taken effect in Priyanka’s universe. This will impact you. How, you ask? Simple, she just topped your list by becoming the woman of your dreams.