Actress Rasika Dugal on feminism, ambition, society’s perceptions about women, and more. 


  • We do have a sense of humour.


  • We know that we often get used as an excuse when men don’t want to be seen as uncool. For example, “I can’t meet for a drink, my girlfriend will kill me,” usually means he doesn’t want to go.


  • Standing up for ourselves doesn’t mean we hate men.



  • We can be sexy and not be ‘asking for it’.


  • We can also be pretty and innocent, and not have marriage as the only thing on our minds.


  • The way we look is not always the most important thing in our lives. So, you could try not commenting on it all the time.


  • We are very good at making choices, if society gives us a chance.



  • We are not afraid to say we are feminists, and that doesn’t mean we are uptight.


  • Work is not just a hobby for us. Some of us are breadwinners. And even if we are not, we enjoy our work and are as ambitious (or not) as anyone else might be.


  • We understand that all men don’t think like this — and that all women don’t either. For now, we are willing to blame it on a patriarchal society. Nothing personal!