FOB-Impress me.indd– It may sound weird but my perfect date includes more than two people. I would like it to start with a group of friends doing something fun and adventurous — maybe a trek, a night-walk through ruins or a music concert in an obscure locale. I like the idea of flirting with one person with a bunch of people around. The hiding of feelings and the stolen moments have more intrigue than being all alone together right from the start.

– I’ve cracked why all women say they want their man to be funny. Humour is a sign of intelligence. But I don’t like forced jokes. Humour should be something that arises spontaneously through a person’s understanding of life and situations.

– I need my man to be a foodie. Food is a true passion of mine and a sure way to win my heart would be to cook me a nice meal.

– A man should be able to look right at you, not in a lecherous way but in a way that shows self-assurance and conviction.

– I’ve always imagined being with someone who rode a bike. I love the feeling of the wind on my face. The car is a boring vehicle to sit with someone in. The best thing about being on a bike is that it’s all about the ride since you can’t talk anyway.

– I like men who like to both listen and talk. A silent man who only lends a receptive ear is frustrating and disconnected. It has to be give and take. And I also appreciate someone asking me to shut up if they are bored by my chatter.


By Beverly Pereira