– Show me respect in the most genuine way possible. Please don’t fake it by merely pulling out my chair when we go to a restaurant.

– I’m a die-hard romantic. I’ve grown up on a diet of love lessons from old Hindi films. That kind of love does happen.

– I love my man to be honest and comfortable with who he is and where he comes from. Be passionate about your work and also respect what I do.  Knowing how to laugh at yourself is yet another way to win me over.

– My idea of a perfect date is engaging in a long and interesting conversation over finger food, with soft music in the background.

– I get turned off by men who have a bad temper; egotistical behaviour and a lack of dental and body hygiene are also big turn-offs. I cannot stand men who are violent, over-eager, self-aggrandizing, insensitive, snobbish, flashy, extremely drunk or messy eaters.

– I get really turned on by stories. It helps if a man has a good imagination.

– Diamonds were a girl’s best friend in the 1950s. You should know that a girl’s best friends, today, are her best friends.

– I would love to go on a romantic holiday to the hills. I love the mountains. Besides, hugs are so much warmer when it’s cold.

– Chivalry is overrated. I don’t care if you don’t hold the door open for me at a restaurant as long as you don’t slam it in my face at home.

– Be a good listener. It really turns me on.

– Cook me a meal of chicken curry and rice on my day off.

– I’m not interested in men who have their masculinity on display. I don’t care what car you drive  or which bike you ride as long as you don’t drink and drive.


By Beverly Pereira 


Swara Bhaskar will next be seen in Sabki Bajegi Band , and Mango.