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Kangana Ranaut on what you don’t know about women

168604315Not all of us want to get married the moment we start dating a man. Some of us are just exploring, simply dating and along the way, figuring out what we like and don’t like in  a man.

Not all of us need a  legal contract with a  man. Because that’s  what marriage is: a  legal contract.

Sensitivity will win you more brownie points than your fast car.

When a girl says no, it means no. It doesn’t mean ‘maybe’ or ‘yes’. That’s just you being too egoistic to accept that we may not want to be with you.

Trust yourself to know when a woman is into you. And, when you think she is, approach her and ask her out. Trust your instincts about these things.

Some of us are free-spirited people, and some of us like to flirt. We don’t do it because we want something from you, but because it is fun. Many of us have our own assets, bought with our hard-earned money.

Being able to have a decent conversation with a man is very important to us. So, spend a little less time in front of the mirror and the television, and more time catching up on your reading, especially if you hope to date an intelligent woman.

Some of us, like some of you, need space. Increasingly, women are less needy for your attention, and you need to learn how to adapt to the new reality.

The guys out there who say our feelings are controlled by hormones are right. Sometimes we are in a bad mood just because things don’t feel right and not because something particularly bad has happened.