She calls herself ‘The Italian Killer’ because she loves a good fight (on MTV Italy’s reality show Super Shore), and we think that Elettra Lamborghini kills it with her looks too. We’ve been scrolling down her Instagram, and sometimes we think it’s unfair how some people hit the financial (she is the grand-daughter of Ferruccio Lamborghini) as well as genetic jackpot. 

That said, we admire her for not just restricting herself to her family business, and trying to carve a name for himself, and not confining to the notion that fashion models have to be skinny. “Career-wise Italy isn’t going to do much more for me, and physically speaking I feel like I’m a better fit for the American market. I think I’m the only woman in Italy right now promoting the image of curvy girls, and on my social media platforms I try to push that message of curvy being beautiful. In Italy they like skinny girls, and so many girls are starving themselves because of this,” she told Forbes in an interview. 

So without further ado, let’s scroll down her Instagram for some of the hottest photos.

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