The Colosseum, a true historical symbol of Italy, has finally undergone some major restoration with the help of Tod’s, the Italian luxury group.

The Colosseum, also renowned as the largest amphitheatre, is a monument built of concrete and sand and is situated at the centre of the city of Rome. The amphitheatre was used for gladiatorial contests and re-enactment of classical mythology, among other forms of entertainment prevalent during earlier times.


The restoration project was developed for the commissioner of the archaeological areas of Rome and Ostia Antica and implemented with some major involvement of the Tod’s Group. The first phase of the restoration involved removal of soot and grime from the exteriors of the monument and also  included the replacement of the current arch enclosure system with new gates.


The cleaning of Colosseum was necessary with the collection of dirt and grime on the exteriors of the monument due to pollution, which gave it an appearance of ruin.

The next phase will include construction of a cafeteria and a visitor’s center, along with further restoration of the Colosseum’s passageways and underground vaults.

The various phases of restoration involve surface mapping, surface cleaning, consolidation and rebonding, pointing of cavities and cracks, removal of pointing no longer suitable, and installation of gates.

There were numerous discoveries while the first phase of restoration work was going on. It revealed the colours of Fresco illustrating Christ on the Altar between two burning Candelabras that belonged to the Confraternita del Santissimo Salvatore ad Sancta Sanctorum, and the emblem of the Roman Senate. The restoration work also uncovered numerous iron nails whose position and shape link them to architectural survey operations carried out in the 19th century, among other interesting discoveries.

A press conference was held in Rome on July 1st, 2016 to celebrate the completion of the first phase of the restoration work of the Colosseum, supported by Tod’s.


Diego Della Valle and Andrea Della Valle

The monument was neglected for a number of years due to mismanagement and lack of government funding; therefore, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, hailed the cleaning process as the perfect example of protecting the country’s cultural heritage.


Take a look at a few images from the event held on Friday evening for the completion of the first stage of restoration, hosted by Tod’s. 


The Orchestra 



Maestro Zubin Mehta