The Yulin Festival continues to be celebrated annually; undeterred by the unprecedented backlash it faces on a regular basis. This year, a number of actors and celebrities have come up with an emotional plea, in the form of a video, against the brutal torture of dogs in China.

This new video features Joaquin Phoenix, Matt Damon and Kate Mara among other world-renowned faces that have teamed up with the founder of the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, Marc Ching.

Each year, this dog eating festival results in a number of pet and stray dogs being stolen after which they are kept in cages until they’re tortured and eventually slaughtered for the purpose of consumption.The festival is based on an old Chinese belief that consuming dog meat results in health benefits and is also helpful in warding off the winter cold. This festival is not only an animal rights issue, but also poses a threat to all those who consume dog meat since it gives rise to human rabies.

So join hands against this brutal and horrific treatment of dogs and help stop the cruelty.