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An Indian Player Lands In Hot Water For Violating A Family Clause At WC 2019

A senior member of the Indian Cricket Team has landed into trouble. Here’s why

A senior member of the Indian cricket team has got into trouble for violating a so-called ‘family clause’ formed by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) during the ICC World Cup 2019.



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The rules state that a cricketer’s spouse is allowed to stay with them for a period of 15 days, whereas, the player’s wife stayed with him for the entire seven-week period of the tournament without seeking permission from the captain or the coach. 

Take a look at the request from a player:

1. The COA discussed that one of the players from the Men’s Senior Team had made a request for permission for his wife to accompany him to the World Cup tour earlier than is otherwise permissible.

2. The CoA was informed that the matter is being discussed with the concerned player and that it may not be advisable to grant the request.

3. After some discussion, the CoA decided that it will not accede to the above request from the concerned player.

“Yes, the same player in question, who was categorically denied permission during May 3 meeting, violated the 15-day rule during the World Cup. The question that arises here is whether the player in question had sought permission about the extra duration of stay of his wife from the competent authorities — in this case, the coach and the captain. The answer is a ‘No’,” the official said.

“What was Sunil Subramaniam doing? His job is not to monitor team’s training sessions. The coach, captain and other support staff are there to oversee the arrangement. Hopefully, the CoA will take cognisance of the matter and seek a report from the manager,” another senior BCCI official said.

The name of the player was not revealed but some signs indicate that it could be Rohit Sharma. This week saw Rohit Sharma’s cold war with captain Virat Kohli take a strange turn when he unfollowed both Kohli and his wife, Anushka Sharma on Instagram.