Anand Mahindra has found through social media a 20-year-old who made an iron man suit out of waste.

Prem Ningombam, who hails from an area close to Imphal, has no formal training in the field. Yet, he was able to recreate the ‘Iron Man’ suit with nothing but electronic waste.

The 66-year-old business tycoon is known to be quite active on social media. When this receptive man first saw Ningombam’s story on September 20, forwarded to him by actor Jaaved Jaaferi, he was impressed.

He had, then, after commending his work expressed a desire to support him and his siblings in receiving an education, putting out the word that he wishes to be connected to this “REAL Iron Man.”

More recently, he was able to send a team associated with his auto venture to visit Ningombam and his family in their home.

In the multiple tweets that followed this meeting, Mahindra had shared a short clip of the boy toying with his creation. In one of the posts, he has also promised that the boy would receive the guidance to make what he wants of himself. Mahindra Group’s Chief Design Officer Pratap Bose, equally inspired by the young genius, will mentor his career, whereas Mahindra Foundation head Sheetal Mehta will facilitate Ningombam and his siblings’ education.

A student of fine arts, Ningombam had wanted to make the ‘Iron Man’ suit for over 6 years. His mother being the only breadwinner of the family, he did not wish to burden her. So he made this suit using electronic waste, scrapes and even cardboard, implementing the final touches only last year.

Without an education in the field, he had to rely on notes from Hollywood films and the Internet to attain this feat.

Once he realised that the internet has taken well to his innovation, he started building more Hollywood-inspired droids in hopes of selling them off to support his siblings’ education.

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