Anshula Kapoor

Anshula Kapoor Rape Threats: Is This The Indian Internet’s Lowest Point?

Do trolls really think Janhvi Kapoor supports their actions towards her sister Anshula?

There was a lot of talk about last Sunday’s Koffee With Karan episode where KJo hosted Arjun Kapoor and Janhvi Kapoor. The siblings spoke about everything and the latter even shared details about the late great Sridevi.

However, during one particular segment, the actors had to call up a relative and get them to say “Hey Karan, what’s up”. Whoever managed to get the relative to say it first won the round. Janhvi called up Anshula but Arjun coerced his sister to not help Janhvi out. Long story short, Arjun Kapoor ended up winning the round.

However, what was a harmless incident, turned into so much more once the episode aired. The Dhadak actress’ fans took offence at Anshula’s behaviour and sent her rape threats. “My sister actually just recently got trolled on social media. She did something silly on Koffee with Karan and started getting like rape threats and stuff. And it was just weird to me. As people are faceless on social media, they feel they can have opinions that sometimes cross a moral line. So when I put stuff that’s personal up on social media, I do think of that too. I feel protective towards them… what people might say about them or about my equation with them. You tend to be guarded,” the actress revealed during a panel discussion at the Facebook office in Mumbai, reports News18.

Arjun Kapoor also took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the matter:


The internet makes it easy for people to speak a lot of trash and get away with it due to the anonymity guaranteed. Could this be the Indian internet’s lowest point? Do trolls really think Janhvi Kapoor supports their actions towards her sister Anshula? If they do, then they’re delusional and beyond stupid.

(Header image: Janhvi Kapoor instagram)