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This Monday, Randal Olsen, a Computer Science graduate research assistant at Michigan State University, created a map of the top autocomplete words for each country in Europe. The map is collection of autocompletes to the question “Why is [country] …?”

Soon,Olsen did the same for the Middle East and Asia. Google’s autocomplete suggestions come from previous searches by Google users, or other places on the web.

Keeping Randy’s map in mind, we tried our hand at doing the same with Indian states. We typed ‘Why is [state]’ and ‘Why are [the people of the state]’ and came across a range of interesting autocompletes, which gave us an idea of what Indians and people around the globe assume about certain people and states of the country. Here’s our own map, as well.

North east – so ugly

Assam – leaving Bangalore

Bihar – called bhaiya

Goa – called pao

Gujarat – ugly

J and K – so hot

Karnataka – lazy

Kerala – cunning

Maharashtra – called ghatis

Punjab – dumb

Rajasthan – dark

Tamil Nadu – intelligent

Telangana – actors so ugly

UP – so backward

West Bengal – parents so strict

Delhi – so rude