Even as the controversial President Jair Bolsonaro dismisses the coronavirus pandemic as a “little flu”, the mafia in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro has enforced their own curfew to curtail the spread of the deadly virus that has claimed over 24,000 lives and affected around 530,000 people worldwide. In what is heartening news, over 122,000 patients have reported to have recovered.

Brazilian media is reporting that threatening messages were circulated in the favelas of the city stating that the mafia will “teach people to respect” an 8 pm shutdown.

“Attention all residents of Rio das Pedras, Muzema and Tijuguinhal! Curfew from 8 pm…Whoever is seen on the street after this time will learn to respect the next one,” a message allegedly read while another stated that: “We want the best for the population. If the government does not have the capacity to fix it, organised crime will solve it.”

According to The Print, Brazil’s health ministry has reported over 2,201 cases of COVID-19 as of Tuesday.