British comedian Joe Lycett changed his name to Hugo Boss to protest the behaviour by the German fashion company. The comedian announced the news on Twitter that he had changed his name via deed poll to Hugo Boss.


In an interview with the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire, Lycett said that Welsh brewery Boss Brewing was sent a cease and desist letter by Hugo Boss after trying to trademark some beers.

According to Lycett, the brewery had spent £10,000( Rs 9,56,242)  in legal fees and had been forced to rebrand as a result.  Lycett, now Hugo Boss wants the fashion house to financially compensate Boss Brewing, and stop sending similar letters to other businesses. He said: “I think it’s sort of a massive company taking on a little company, and it’s not fair. And nobody’s going to confuse a beer with Hugo Boss. I would like them to stop doing this, stop sending these cease and desist letters because no one’s confusing these two things. They’re not confusing these two brands.”