Blood Moon

Debunking The Wild Ideas Associated With The Blood Moon

There is absolutely nothing except legend and folklore to support the many theories and superstitions

On the 27th of July, the world will witness what is being called the longest lunar eclipse of the century. The Moon will turn red for a period of 1 hour and 45 minutes. Now, according to Science, a lunar eclipse like this one is said to occur when the moon falls under the Earth’s shadow while passing directly under the Earth. But what does Science know, right? According to my astrologist, all of us should be extremely careful during Chandra Grahan. Here are the common superstitions related to the Blood Moon:

1. One should not undertake any auspicious work during the Chandra Grahan.

2. Yogi Anoop, Founder and Director at MediYoga told NDTV: “During lunar eclipse, the moon tends to be nearer to the earth, which means there are certain electromagnetic waves in the river bodies. Moreover, our bodies are made up of 72 per cent water, which is why one can experience physiological changes. You could become moody and end up eating a lot of food, which can cause an upset stomach. This is why most experts suggest that one must not eat food during this time as it may take time to digest. Rather pick on lighter foods that may help keep your digestion going strong. You can, otherwise, follow a normal routine as everything else is superstition.”

3. Some people believe that the disinfecting quality of light radiations (is that even a thing?) gets affected during the Chandra Grahan and hence, it’s like a party for the microorganisms present in our food. Have a fun time, boys.

4. According to Wiccans, however, there are a few among us who’ll be imbued with a great sense of peace during the lunar eclipse.

5. This is because Wiccans view the moon as a spiritual being which calms us down and helps us introspect. For many, a Blood Moon is a time when the Divine Male and Divine Female come together as one.

6. Many Christian preachers have also peddled the Doomsday theory, connecting this lunar event to the second coming of Christ.


If the above pointers really make sense to you, by all means, go ahead and take precautions. For the rest, it’s just your usual Friday night. There is absolutely nothing except legend and folklore to support the aforementioned theories and superstitions.