When entrepreneur Sumit Mittal launched his health-tech platform, VentAllOut, little did he think that it would gain crazy traction during a pandemic that has cost the world more than two million lives.

Over the last couple of weeks, the platform has been privy to a barrage of confessions, opinions and tell-alls from people who’re under lockdown. Users have been venting about anything and everything.

“As long as the content is clean, you can consider it your own diary, which is open to viewing but you remain anonymous,” says the 45-year-old in an interview to Mid-Day.

In order to give it some structure, the former founding member of SBI credit card, has categorised the platform under politics, current affairs, confession, entertainment, daily drag, relationships and grievance. According to the Mid-Day report, queer issues and women’s rights are also in the pipeline.

“I’m part of several WhatsApp groups and refrain from sharing my political thoughts because of the backlash. Here, due to the anonymity, people share on subjects which they feel strongly about,” Mittal said about how the business venture emerged from his personal experience. While the app has only been marketed in India, it has users from Japan, London, America and Sri Lanka as well.

“Suddenly, work from home has intruded our space, especially because Indian homes are not large. A lot of stories that are coming are stemming from the fulltime togetherness and forced family time,” Mittal adds.