“We gave you six million dollars and you gave us nothing” state the opening lines from the latest trailer of the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. It is entirely possible that the statement is a paraphrasing of the dialogue that took place between Fox studios and Tim Story – the director of the ill-fated Fantastic Four movies from 2005.

In a bid to milk every drop out of the udders of the cash cow that is the Marvel Universe, Fox studios have decided to take another crack at Fantastic Four. A lot has changed here besides Johnny Storm’s ethnicity. The team is a lot younger, and there appears to be a greater build-up to the whole cosmic ray accident than there was in the previous one. While fans of the comic-book might miss Chris Evans’ spirited take on the Human Torch, the new film seems to be intent on not repeating the mistakes of the old one.

They have done so by paying greater attention to the prosthetics and CGI used to portray the Thing – the group’s muscle with a golden heart that is covered with rock-like skin. Thing towers over the rest of the team, finally having reached Hulk-like proportions. The teaser also gives us a glimpse of the team’s chief antagonist – Doctor Doom. Doom’s background is unclear at this point but from the looks of it, the FF will have their hands full.

Fantastic Four as a franchise has some serious odds stacked against it, given that Marvel’s Avengers and it’s derivatives get top billing at the box office. However, it seems like a more serious attempt at retelling a classic story of a highly incompatible group, tempered and united by trauma, ready to face threats as powerful and uncanny as themselves and becoming one of comic books’ most beloved superhero teams. Fantastic Four is slated to release by the end of August, 2015.