Listen up, people – Diwali is coming up and here are a few things that you must know before going out and buying firecrackers. The top court in the country has decided to not impose a total ban on firecrackers but has instead come out with a list of conditions. Only “green crackers” i.e. crackers which have low emission and cause considerably lower noise pollution are permitted and there is a complete ban on the online sale of crackers.

According to The Indian Express, the crackers may only be sold through licensed traders and any e-commerce companies ignoring the order will be held for contempt of court.


Justice A K Sikri and Justice Ashok Bhushan also set down a time duration for the bursting of firecrackers – from 8 pm to 10 pm on Diwali and between 11.45pm and 12.30am on Christmas Eve and New Year.