Dreamt of sitting on the front row at fashion weeks with celebrities like Rihanna and fashion royalties like Anna Wintour? It is possible to turn that dream into reality now, but it will cost you upwards of  $25,000.

download (1)London-based Watermill Center is currently auctioning two packages for Milan and Paris fashion week in February next year. The first one includes two front row seats for Giorgio Armani, Prada and Fendi fall/winter 2015 shows (with backstage access at Fendi) in Milan which starts with a bid of $25,000. While the second one offers two front row seats as well but this one’s for Miu Miu show in Paris starting with a bid of $10,000. You can even get the whole Milan package for just $95,000 if you want to skip the bidding part and are worried about securing your seat.

So if you’ve got that much dough to spend on fashion weeks, by all means go ahead as the auction is to help fund their Hamptons gallery where artists can exhibit for free. But for those of us who would rather spend that kind of a fortune buying those collections, live streaming our best bet!

For those of you interested, you just have a day to place your bids here