thumbnail-doblecheck-azulWhatsapp introduced a feature that lets people know when you have read their message. When you read someone’s whatsapp message, the two ticks near the message on their screen turn blue. So, does that mean you can no longer dodge your crazy ex’s 2am message by saying you are sleeping, or plead ignorance when your boss asks you weren’t in on Saturday despite his constant messages? Well, not quite.

There is a fairly simple way of hiding from the perilous two blue ticks. When you receive a Whatsapp you are not sure if you want to reply to, first switch off your Wi-Fi and your data connection. Then read the message in peace. Close the app and only then switch your data connection back on. The sender won’t have a clue you’ve read their entire message. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to switch your Wi-Fi connection back on. The ticks will turn blue as soon as you do. Which is a bit of an inconvenience – being without Wi-Fi the whole day. Still, it’s a nifty trick if you’re travelling or have a really good 3G data plan. We can definitely think of a few situations that warrant it. But, then, maybe we just need introspect a little about our social lives.