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Harley-Davidson celebrates 25 years of the Fat Boy

Much like its most famous rider, the bike continues to pack some serious muscle

Ever since Arnold Schwarzenegger rode the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy off a ramp in Terminator 2: Judgement Day, 25 years ago, it became the quintessential 90’s poster bike. If one saw a chrome-plated chopper with a big V-twin rumble, one probably thought it was a Harley-Davidson that passed them by.

Possibly the most iconic modern Harley-Davidson, the heavy-duty, chopper style Fat Boy, when introduced in 1990, ensured that Harley became a sales leader in the over 750cc motorcycle category.

Paying homage to the hardtail choppers of the 1960s and 70s, the Fat Boy remains timeless thanks to a robust V-twin and it’s broad, muscular stance that made it a perfect fit for the T-800. The Fat Boy celebrates its 25 years of motorcycling history by returning to the big screen that made it so famous. There can be no better way for Arnold Schwarzenegger to make his movie comeback than on the saddle of the iconic Fat Boy. Catch Terminator: Genisys to watch the two legends in action.

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