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Hey Virat Kohli, What’s With All That Weird PDA, Bro?

Team India skipper just shared an image from Cape Town with his ‘one and only’ Anushka Sharma

Okay, this might not be our place to comment on the country’s most famous relationship-turned-marriage between Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, but someone had to say it. ‘Enough of the PDA bro!’

The Indian skipper is touring South Africa with the Indian cricket team for a gruelling round of contests beginning January 5, right now. He recently shared an image from Cape Town, which according to him was made ‘even more beautiful’ by his ‘one and only.’


It’s for the third time since the high-profile, three-legged wedding that the duo have appeared in the same pose on Instagram. They had posed almost exactly the same for a new year post a couple of days ago. 


And how can we forget the one from their European odyssey that inspired hilarious memes on the internet. And these have not been the only occasions of them indulging in this weird PDA game of cliched selfies.



Don’t mistake us for not being against this couple though. We are genuine admirers. All we want is for them to look even better together. And posting boring selfies isn’t helping. Show us some creativity guys!



Much needed break with my ❤

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