Jaguar Land Rover has deployed 160 vehicles, including their all-new Defender, to aid Red Cross workers fight the battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

JLR had already donated 57 vehicles to the British Red Cross, among which 27 were the all-new Defenders, according to Autocar. They were all used by Red Cross workers to deliver food and medical supplies to the elderly. Apart from this, JLR also allotted another 65 vehicles internationally, to support Red Cross efforts in countries like Australia, France, South Africa and Spain.



In an official statement, the Jaguar Land Rover team said that “Jaguar and Land Rover teams in Spain, France, South Africa and Australia have loaned vehicles to their Red Cross societies and more markets are offering help to their local teams.”

“This service is being provided with fleets of vehicles now available due to the postponement of launch events.”

According to the statement, JLR is also working closely with the UK government and has offered its research and engineering expertise, as well as digital engineering and design, printing of 3D models and prototypes, machine learning, artificial intelligence and data science support. They are also donating protective equipment to the NHS (National Health Service), including wraparound safety glasses given to the Royal Bolton Hospital, St James’s Hospital in Leeds, and Birmingham Children’s Hospital.