While we have all heard and read about multiple businesses that have gone out of business, an industry we don’t hear much about is the circus. Circuses were forced to stop hosting crowds due to the fear of the virus spreading, forcing circus workers to be out of work. But Ketto.org and actor Kunal Kapoor are trying to do their best to help them.



The popular Rambo Circus which tours all over India and abroad has been closed since 13th March due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The circus workers have been out of work and the entire troupe along with animals, women and children are stranded in Mumbai with no money or essentials.

Ketto.Org, helmed by Mr. Varun Sheth and actor Kunal Kapoor are trying to help them raise money to take care of themselves during this tough period via their crowdfunding platform. If you feel like helping the Rambo Circus troupe, you can donate an amount of your choosing by clicking here.