Technology today has been taking some long strides. Making the impossible come true time and time again. This time, technology helped recreate the possible voice of a mummy that is over 3000-years-old for the very first time.

The mummy, Nesyamun, is of an Egyptian priest and currently lies in Leeds City Museum. He lived during the politically volatile reign of pharaoh Ramses XI between 1099 and 1069 BC, over 3000 years ago. According to The Guardian, he died around his 50s due to strangulation. Sounds bad. But interestingly, researchers also suggested that he may have also died due to an allergic reaction cause due to an insect bite to his tongue. Still sounds bad, but I can’t decide if this is better than being strangled.

Researchers recreated the sound produced by this 3,000-year-old mummified Egyptian priest by 3D printing his vocal tracts that are still intact. Take a look at the video where you can hear it all. Don’t expect a fully-formed sentence, the mummy basically just says, “Ehhhh.” Okay, so it isn’t too much but it’s something. Listen to what he would sound like below: