Gambling is bad.

But, what if you could make bank every time the President of USA gave a speech?

Now, that’s just easy money.

And, that’s exactly some people did.

BookMaker, an online gambling website took bets on how any “false statements” during his speech. Lo and behold, people who bet on Trump making “false statements” made big bucks on this one. And, it is no secret that Donald J Trump has been notorious for exaggerating and bending the truth.

By logging onto BookMaker, one could make place up to $500 per bet on Trump’s “false statements.” And, to detemine these whether the statement is false, the website abides by Washington Post Fact Checker.

BookMaker’s odds consultant, John Lester, told the New York Daily News that the site intentionally avoided calling them “lies,” so it wouldn’t have to “prove that the President is intentionally misleading the public.”

According to Lester, in just twelve hours, the site pulled in “over $100,000 in action on this wager.” In the end, the gambling site, BookMaker had to fork out about $276,424 in total wins.

To top it all off, people have already placed their bets on Trump declaring a state emergency on the national border before the end of Jan. While the American politics may be in a turmoil, people have figured out a way to monetize it.