Mount Fuji will not be accessible for Summer 2020 as the Shizouka Prefecture government has officially closed the hiking trail due to ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

According to Japan Times, the Subashiri, Gotemba and Fujinomiya hiking trails will be closed throughout the 2020 climbing season annually scheduled from July 10 to September 10. Shizuoka is also planning to keep three prefectural roads leading to the fifth station of the mountain closed.

According to the Environment Ministry, the famous mountain was hiked by about 236,000 climbers for last year’s season. About 85,000 of those used the routes managed by Shizuoka, the prefectural government said.

Yamanashi Prefecture, which also offers access to the popular mountain, already made a similar announcement regarding the closure of the fourth route to the peak of the 3,776-meter volcano. Its Yoshida track is the most popular, with around 60 percent of climbers using it.