This Monday, Mumbai recorded the lowest maximum temperature in ten years – a relatively chilly 25.1° Celsius.

After unexpected rains, Mumbai’s low-end temperatures plummeted to an uncommon 13.2°C. As a result, many in India’s financial capital have begun wearing sweaters and monkey caps – much to the amusement of others on Twitter.

As the temperature dropped, so did several hilarious memes, gathering steam as #MumbaiWinter trended on Twitter on Monday.

The first assault of memes came from Delhiites and other North Indians, who deal with much lower average winter temperatures than Mumbaikars:

Mumbaikars, on the other hand, had mixed reactions. While most took a moment to appreciate a much-needed break from the city’s usual hot & humid climes,

Others simply couldn’t deal with the unexpected levels of chill.

The cold spell has also drawn statements from key Indian meteorologists, such as Mahesh Palawat, Vice president of Meteorology And Climate Change Sky Met Weather. “13.2-degree #minimum of #Santacruz #Mumbai is the lowest of the season,” he wrote.

“A drop of 5 degrees in the last 24 hours. 26.7-degree maximum is also the lowest. Northerly cold winds are responsible. Winter chill to continue for next 3-4 days.”

The lowest minimum temperature last year was 14.8 degrees Celsius and in the year before that 11.4 degrees Celsius. The all-time lowest minimum temperature was recorded on January 22, 1962, at 7.4 degrees Celsius. Interestingly, the temperature drop has also resulted in significantly fresher air quality – Mumbai’s Air Quality Index (AQI) improved from the usual ‘poor’ to ‘satisfactory’ – we certainly can’t complain there!

With a sweaty pre-summer on the horizon, we Mumbaikars ought to take in all the cool weather we can get.

(Image Sources: WarnerMedia, @vikramswaroop)