While the shoes never made the trip to the moon with Armstrong, they were likely used as a backup. And, the prices are definitely sky-high.

In a recent online bid-war hosted by Boston-based RR auction, a prototype Apollo A7L lunar boot created for Neil Armstrong went under the hammer for $49,000, according to The Daily Mail.

It is embroidered with the name-tag  ‘Armstrong’ on the inside of the tongue.

In this space-themed memorabilia auction, other items also sold at the auction including a Soviet space suit, a signed picture of Neil Armstrong and a series of Apollo 11 engineer’s manuals. The total cost of this auction was $110,000.

Parts of the shoe will have since been repurposed to make other NASA items. These boots were as manufactured by International Latex Corp. (ILC) in Dover, Delaware.

The Apollo 11 manual is responsible for helping Armstrong reach the moon. It also carried other famous astronauts like Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins.


(Photo Credits: Live Auctioneers website)