Nexus 6 – the dates are out

The most awaited Android phone of the year is set to launch in a fortnight

Dear all you other phones, take a back seat and make way for the Google Nexus 6, which is rumoured to be launching in India on the 18th of November. Made by Motorola (now a Lenovo company) this new smartphone will be rolled out to the market via Flipkart and the Google Play Store, in December.

The 32GB version will be priced around Rs 45,000, while the 64GB one will be around Rs 50,000. It may be the priciest phone by Google to date, and it may look like a newer edition of the Motorola Moto X, but with a screen as big as six inches, a 2.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 Processor, a 13 megapixel camera and with Android Lollipop, it looks all set to create much more of a splash than the Nexus 4 or Nexus 5 could manage.