Nike CEO John Donahoe sent an email to all of the company’s employees on Friday, following the unrest and protest that took over all 50 states of America following the murder of George Floyd. Donahoe went over the crucial topic of Nike’s commitment to the Black Lives Matter movement and the brand’s responsibilities in these times.

“While we strive to help shape a better society, our most important priority is to get our own house in order,” Donahoe shared. “Nike needs to be better than society as a whole […] While we have made some progress over the past couple of years, we have a long way to go.”

“We know Black Lives Matter,” Donahoe said. “We must educate ourselves more deeply on the issues faced by Black communities and understand the enormous suffering and senseless tragedy racial bigotry creates.”



Apart from its verbal commitment towards the Black community, the company recently revealed that it would be donating $40 million USD over four years to support Black organisations and initiatives. The Jordan brand and Michael Jordan himself have also pledged a $100 million USD donation that will be used to support of Black communities over the next 10 years.