In the latest edition of India’s most bizarre news, a number of premium train coaches have gone missing in Bihar, according to an India Today report.

New coaches attached to trains running between New Delhi and Ranchi have gone missing, says the report

What’s more shocking (or not) is that the Ranchi division has no clue where the coaches have vanished.

Railway authorities are worried at the recurrent incidents of missing coaches. The coaches are disappearing from railway yards. Authorities are yet to figure out if an organised gang is behind the incidents.

Coaches from premium trains such as Rajdhani Express and Sampark Kranti Express have gone missing. Recently passengers created a ruckus when Rajdhani Express from Ranchi started late because three coaches broke down.

Railway coaches have a limited life span. After a few years the quality deteriorates. After numerous passengers complaints and requests new coaches are sanctioned.

Railway authorities are looking into the matter of missing railway coaches, according to the report.