The Pokémon Company has just revisited its high-end jewelry offerings for the Summer season. This time around, the Pocket Monster-purveying company is looking to celebrate love with three styles of 18K gold/diamond rings.

Made in partnership with GINZA TANAKA, the first one sees a single solitaire (0.3ct) stone imbued onto two golden ears which are meant to represent Pikachu. Next is another round-cut stone set between both the tails of two Pokémon. The third is much more simple as at the center of a golden band sits a smaller diamond set into a Pikachu head outline.

Those looking to celebrate their love through the institution of marriage and The Pokémon Company, or just want to have gold Pikachu-themed rings, can head over to the online store where it takes up to 8 weeks to make each ring. The prices range from ¥346,500 to ¥115,500 JPY (approximately $3,216 – $1,072 USD) with each of them packaged in a whimsical Pokéball ring box.