5 Hot Male Politicians From Across The Globe

Giving life goals to men and relationship goals to women, across the globe

So you though that netas only dressed in kurta pyjamas and sported bulging midriffs under their ageing skins? Here are some handsome hunks from the world of politics that will make your reconsider.

Barack Obama


Though the former POTUS might have hung up his political boots before Donald Trump’s wretched reign, he continues to be a heartthrob for many a woman, who dig mature men with teethy smiles and a lion-like charisma.

Enrique Peña Nieto

Enrique Peña Nieto

Nieto has been ruling Mexico since 2012 and a lot of hearts since before coming into power. He’s known to be a no-nonsense personality with the tall, dark and handsome aura surrounding him.

Hans Linde


Sweden’s peaceful state of affairs doesn’t fetch its politics too much attention, but politicians like these certainly do. Linde has been a member of the Riksdag since 2006 and his admirers won’t let him step down anytime soon.

Eduardo Leite


Another young world leader on the list, the mayor of Brazil’s Pelotas is a social democrat, a responsible father, a dutiful husband, an animal lover, a music fan etc; basically a combination of everything that a woman desires.

Justin Trudeau


Last but not the least is the uber sexy Canadian President who gives life goals to men and relationship goals to women across the globe. Seems almost as if he can’t put a step wrong, ever!

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