In an attack on free speech, the Chinese government arrested popular Hong Kong democracy activist Agnes Chow earlier this week. For those who follow social media intently, it led to a blitz of sorts with Twitterati going on to call her the real-life Mulan.

This coincides with the upcoming Disney+ release of their live-action remake of the 1998 animated film and a reimagining of Chinese folklore. For centuries, the character of Mulan has been emblematic of female heroism not only in China but around the world and Chow’s fans say that she displays the courage and resilience that made Mulan so endearing.

Last August, the live-action Mulan star Liu Yifei was quoted as saying “I support the Hong Kong police, you all can beat me up now”. This led to calls for a boycott of the film.



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– 我們沒有放棄的本錢,只能繼續反抗。 Thanks @dickymanana .

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And hence, netizens believe that it is Agnes Chow and not Liu Yifei who is the real-life Mulan.

“Of the four times I’ve been arrested, this is the most terrifying,” Chow wrote on social media. Chow is one of those who are fighting against China’s controversial new security law which has caused a major upheaval in Hong Kong.